About Us

At IgraSoft we accumulate competence from all around the world in order to provide the most advanced solutions that companies, their employees, and their customers love.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

We're united around a common goal of delivering high-quality digital products that help our clients solve real problems and achieve their full potential. 

Total Transparency

Creating an environment where everyone, from the C-suite to the interns, can learn, grow, and thrive in.

Continuous Learning

We have the scale and international reach to bring even the most complex, intricate projects to life on the global stage.

Wide-ranging Expertise

Web, mobile, eCommerce, and everything in between. No matter what the project is, we maintain the tools, resources, and expertise to make it happen.

A Global Team

We have a team of professionals that has expanded internationally and currently our team members are based in Serbia, Armenia, and Georgia.

Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline

A historic temple in Ahmedabad

The Lincoln Cathedral and its surroundings

Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline

Our Leadership Team

Bohdan Podilchuk

Founder and CEO